The Polaroid project consisted of first taking a photo and editing it in Photoshop. Then, the photo was placed on a white canvas that was edited to give it a gradient effect. Last, text was added to the final Polaroid picture.

I took this picture in San Francisco. I chose to use this picture for my project because it really captures the beauty of the city. The vibrant colors in this picture also help make it stand out.


Pop Art


The Pop Art project consisted of opening a picture in Photoshop and first taking out the background of the photo. Then, the photo was duplicated to create four different layers. Last, color was added to each subject in the picture and each background.

I took a picture of my classmate, Andy, for this project. He posed with his camera which gave this picture a unique look. I used these colors together because they seemed to compliment the project.

Polaroid Collage


The Polaroid Collage consisted of taking one picture and splitting them up. This was done by making multiple layers in Photoshop. The end product included scattering all of these photos to recreate the original image.

For this project, I took a picture of the Fisherman’s Wharf sign in San Francisco. I chose this image because the sign was circular and would create a unique look to this project. I arranged to pictures in a circular way as well to replicate the image.

Vector Poster

vector poster rough draft2

The Vector Poster project included using both Photoshop and Illustrator. It was required to make different swatch colors in illustrator and layer them. This was done by outlining multiple pictures with the pen tool and adding the color of the swatch to each outline.

I took a picture of my classmate, Andy, for this project. I had him pose with a straight face looking forward to give it more of a political feel. I also incorporated red and blue in the poster for this same reason.



The Lens-Flare project consisted of first choosing a landscape picture of scenery. Then, the picture had to be edited in Photoshop so that the effect would be displayed the best. Last, the lens-flare filter was added which was also in Photoshop.

For my project, I chose a picture of the ocean and Alcatraz in the background. I took this picture on my trip to San Francisco. I decided to use this photo because the lens-flare effect seemed to show up the best on a darker color scheme.



The Watercolor-Painting project consisted of first choosing a photo with a landscape background. Then, the picture was opened in Photoshop and different layers were added. By adding different layers, it allowed the artist to use different filters to create the watercolor effect.

For my project, I used a picture of Lombard Street that I took in San Francisco. I chose this photo because it had vibrant colors that made the watercolor effect pop. The picture also had a variety of objects in it which made the effect stand out even more.

CD Design

cd template for blog

The CD Design project consisted of creating an album cover wrap and inside CD for a band of the photographer’s choice. It was required to use six photographs in for the project and could be edited in any way. Three different fonts also had to be used throughout this project that went along with the type of music or style the artist portrays.

I decided to base my CD Design project off the the band Of Monsters and Men. I chose my favorite album from them, “Mountain Sound”, and tried to display the type of music that they play through my photos. The music that they play is indie folk-pop. This is why my project has pictures that display nature.



The Panning project consisted of using the panning technique in both Photoshop and in taking an actual picture. It was required to take three pictures of something that could be moving but wasn’t. Also, eight digital pictures of panned cars had to be taken along with eight other images of panned subjects.

For my project, I took multiple pictures of cars right outside Valencia High School on a busy street. To take these photos, I stood still and moved the camera with the subject as the picture was being taken. I also used this same technique when I took pictures of other panned subjects that weren’t cars. I took pictures of friends running and walking for these subjects because the final image showed different amounts of blur lines in the background with the different speeds they were going.

Double Exposure


The Double Exposure Project consisted of taking a portrait picture and a landscape picture. The pen tool was used to cut out the portrait picture. Then, the landscape picture was placed inside the portrait picture, and the opacity was changed. The end product is a silhouette with both the subject and the landscape showing through.

For my project, I took a picture of Andy Truong to use as my portrait picture. For the landscape, I took a picture of a tree with orange blooming flowers on it. I used these pictures together because the outcome had the branch replicating Andy’s body and the top of the tree replicated his head which displayed a unique and artistic style.

Self Portrait


The Self Portrait project consisted of taking six different pictures with myself in them. Three of the pictures had to be what everyone generally knows about me. However, the other three pictures had to be about what most people don’t really know about me. Each photo had to have at least two layers on them and include Photoshop Adjustment Layers, Spot Coloring, Action Sequencing, Photoshop Filters, and Photoshop Blending Modes.

The first picture that I took was with some of my best friends. I love them so much and they know how much they mean to me. The second picture that I took was of me holding my phone. It is no secret that I am constantly on social media and texting all of the time. The third picture that I took was an action shot of me playing tennis. A sport is something that is not usually hidden, and in this case for me it is not. The fourth picture that I took was of me walking away leaving a trail of footprints behind. Not a lot of people know this about me, but I have moved to seven different schools because of my dad’s work. This symbolizes me walking away from each place that I have lived. The fifth picture is of me putting on makeup. In my free time I love playing around with different make up looks. Not a lot of people know this about me. The last picture is of my feet and Girl Scout sash. I am proud to be a Girl Scout, but it is not something that usually comes up in a conversation. Only my really close friends and family know that I am still a Girl Scout.

Self Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas