Action Sequence


The Action Sequence project consisted of taking multiple pictures of the same scene with a classmate in different places. In order to combine all of these pictures, the masking tool was used in Photoshop. This allowed the final picture to look like the classmate appears in different places in the picture at the same time.

For my project, I took pictures of Andy Truong and Benny Perez at Valencia High School. I had Benny with the trees in the background because his outfit had a natural tone to it, and his sunglasses added a unique look. I had Andy sit on the tables and pose in front of the building to display an artistic sort of style.

How to make Action Sequence in Photoshop


Expressive Portraits


This project consisted of taking portraits of a classmate. At least one hundred portraits were taken in at least three different places. The best three out of the one hundred were chosen to edit using Photoshop.

For my project, I took pictures of Sheridin Moore, a Junior at Valencia High School. She is a close friend and classmate of mine. I took some of the pictures on the soccer field and also on the campus of our high school. I tried to take unique portraits of Sheridin. She is beautiful inside and out and also has gorgeous eyes!

Tips for portraits



This project was made in the darkroom. Multiple objects were placed on photosensitive paper and exposed to light from the enlarger. The final developed image had a white border, black background, and a white outline of where the objects were.

For my project, the objects that I used were my jewelry. I chose to have different jewelry pieces as my objects because they are a big part of my fashion statement. It is one of the many ways that I can express myself. I aligned the pieces the way I did for an organized look so that the final image was not overwhelming.


IMG_0008CubeTemplate1 8

This project included taking six different pictures and editing them using filters in Photoshop. Once the pictures were edited, they were inserted into a template. After printing, the template was cut accordingly and used to form a cube with one of the six pictures on each side.

I took pictures of my everyday life in high school. These pictures are taken at Valencia High School and at my house. Each of them are of what I care about and love. These pictures include my sister, friends, dog, and sport that I play (tennis). I chose filters that best complimented the photo.

Cube Project Instructions


Wood,Camryn_alphaThe Alphabet Project uses different objects to make letters. When all of these individual pictures are aligned, they spell out a word. The whole image is then edited in Black White to add dramatic effect.

For my project, I used objects that I found at Valencia High School in Placentia, CA to spell out my first name. I tried to vary my objects using both nature and architecture. This gave my final picture a unique and personalized look.

Inspiration for Letters and Video Tutorial on Photoshop



This project was inspired by David Hockney. The Hockney Project is made up of multiple images of one area. The finished project is combining all of the pictures together to create a panographic image.

For this particular Hockney Project, I took pictures of the Valencia High School football field in Placentia, CA. I decided to choose this area because it has vibrant colors and moving objects to shoot. It also displays a different side of Valencia High School students that can’t be portrayed in a classroom.